Walking through the DOOR…

Do we ever think about the big role walking through the door plays in our lives? Every morning we walk out to walk about the earth fulfilling our purpose and living out our lives and at the end of the day we come back to rest in our homes for those who are blessed with a place called home. Do we ever stop to think about what it means to walk through that same door every sunrise?

A door has been used to symbolize an opportunity, a closed door represents a closed opportunity or dream. Why is this so? The sheer panic that one gets when they lose the key to open the door is enough to drive one crazy, if you lock yourself out, you get worried about what the door has shut in, when you lock yourself in, you get worried about the opportunities you are missing outside.

Walking out the door is a sweet reminder that the heavens have blessed you with another opportunity to experience life, everything you desire and aspire to, is all depended on whether you will walk out that door, despite the dangers waiting outside.

Walking back through the door gives us peace in our hearts because it symbolizes the accomplished task for the day, and you get to have the opportunity to come back to a place called home, where you will rest and gather strength.

Inside the door you find rest, peace, love and strength. Outside the door you find wonder, opportunity, happiness, fulfillment of desires and laughter.

There is beauty in life despite the over demanding negative events and thoughts.


Author: lanaturalia

Just a girl with a different eye of the world.....

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